F7A2 – EL12
F7A2 – EM12K
F7A2 – EM13K

Description and Applications

AWF-501 is a aluminum-rutile bonded/agglomerated flux which can be used in high speed, AC or DC welding of low alloy steel where cracking and porosities are a problem. It is suited to single pass, double sided, and fillet welding. It also provides a very smooth weld bead and has good slag detachment. It is somewhat resistant to rust and mill scale on the surface to be welded. Applicable base metals include: Mild Steel and Low Alloy Steel.

Typical applications include: Boilers, Pressure Vessels and Ship Building.

TYPICAL CHEMICAL COMPOSITION (Basicity Index 0.50 – 0.80)

C Si Mn Cr Ni S P
0.05 0.62 1.2 0.021 0.026


YIELD (ksi) TENSILE (ksi) ELONGATION (%) CHARPY (ft-lbs @ -20°F)
≥58 70-95 ≥22% ≥20

Flux should be heated for 2 hours at 350°C. Remove all rust, oil, dirt, water from the steel before welding.