About Us

AWF manufactures and distributes an exclusive line of the most popular agglomerated, bonded and fused Virgin SAW FLUXES throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico and Asia.  AWF also has the capacity to ‘custom fabricate’ a number of other flux compositions.

All AWF FLUXES conform to AWS, ASME, CSA and ISO standards.

AWF’s state of the art, automated manufacturing facility was built in 2011 and employs 4 production lines that employ a sophisticated “sintering” process to fabricate our fluxes.  Our plant, process and quality control (QC) system have been certified to ISO 9001.

The advantages of sintering include a higher purity of components, stronger elemental bonds and precision control of the grain size. More specifically, our fluxes blend the acutely mixed raw materials into flux grain particles of a more consistent composition without causing any chemical changes. This manufacturing process also allows for the addition of chemically active ingredients to help control porosities, enable some alloying to the weld deposit and general improvement of the weld quality.

AWF Bonded fluxes also have the advantage of producing a smooth weld bead with good detachability and little smoke. Metallic Deoxidizers help to increase corrosion resistance which is optimal in fillet welds etc.

AWF Fluxes are used in the fabrication of pressure vessels, industrial pipes, wind towers, LPG tanks and containers, ship building and steel-roll rebuilding just to name a few applications.